Socialii Storage Introduction

Socialii Socialii / Socialii Last updated on Updated  Mar 26, 2020

Socialii Storage is a default Socialii app which you will get together with Socialii. I've created this app mainly for the Socialii Social Planner, because it allows to create categories with media files and select categories for your pontifications instead of a single media file.

The Socialii Storage's categories will allow you to select media files in random way. How this will work? For example you have selected 100 posts for a plannifiication and you've selected a multimedia category with 10 media files. The planner will get a random media file at each schedule and you can anytime add/remove files from a category.

The Socialii Storage app allows you to import media files from your computer or download from URLs. You can also create categories with multimedia files and delete the multimedia files.